I’we been following what’s going on in your continent. Let me start by saying: I’m not impressed.

Your nation has always been inspiring, innovating and one step ahead of the rest of us. Until now. We share several worldwide issues that needs actions. Instead of solutions, I see arguments. Instead of new ways of thinking, I see xenophobia and yearning to the past.

One of your presidential candidate has said, that he would make america great again. Many of you have bought his vision, which makes me more worried. America is actually more greater than you thought. Here in Finland, one angry and sad young man chose to protest against refugees in Lahti couple months ago. He chose to wear white sheets, as an KKK-outfit – even if he wouldn’t actually understood the history and original acts of the real KKK. Your history, politics and culture has greater impact to others than anyone else in this world. What happens in your continent can effect years later, in such a meta-level that you can’t ever realize that. In this context, I wan’t to ask you: Do you really think America is not great anymore?

What comes to making America great again: Closing your doors won’t solve the issues. Our world is now global, and so are you. Solving global issues takes worldwide solutions, and that’s why you can’t leave this table.

Terrorism, humanitarian crisis and climate change are the main issues of our time. How will your leaders face these challenges, is up to you. Your vote counts more than mine. That’s why I encourage you to demand more from your politicians. Demand truth, insist decisions, require co-operation – and most of all: don’t sell your vote cheap.

If you want to be great again, you should know that with great power – comes great responsibility. So, as a simplified message to my fellow humans in America. If you screw this up – you’re fired.


Rest of the world



Niko Kostia, student

Hyvinkää, Finland, European Union

What would make America great again? – a letter for voters in USA


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